Our advisor…

The wonderful Dr. Bernhard Gunter is the advisor for TFT-AU.


Here’s what he has to say about this organization:

“Table for Two (TFT) is an excellent initiative as it aims to tackle the problems of malnutrition in developing countries and over-nutrition in industrialized countries simultaneously. Many people in industrialized countries do not even know that about 1 billion people live below $1-a-day; hence, the 25 cents that go from every TFT meal to a hungry child in Africa is making a real difference there.”

Thank you professor!


Japanese American Student Association Event

This Saturday, TFT-AU took part in the Japanese cultural event hosted by the Japanese American Student Association at American University. We were allowed to open the event with a little presentation to let people know about what TFT does and how it works.

Afterwards, we set up a table out back to give interested visitors how they might contribute to helping to solve obesity and malnutrition in the world. Here are some photos of the excitement that went on Saturday night!!

Yu the clown demonstrates the charitable flow of money through interpretive dance.

TFT-AU is successful in informing more students about TFT and the newest menu at Megabytes! And thanks to all who came to the event or visited out table last night.

Until next time…. Peace, love, dove!

[TFT-Restaurant Report] Sushi Taro

In Washington DC, there are four restaurants that are partners of TFT. In other words, you can have TFT meals at four different restaurants in DC area.

This time, I went to Sushi Taro, one of the TFT-restaurant in DC to try its TFT meal.

The restaurant is near Dupont Circle metro station. It’s actually not too far from the metro, but I kind of had a hard time actually finding it. As you can see in the picture on the left, the entrance is really, really small. On top of that, the restaurant is located on the 2nd floor of the building, but CVS takes up its entire first floor. So I was pretty distracted by the big red sign of CVS and I easily overlooked this tiny entrance..


Once I got into the restaurant, I was surprised by the fact that the restaurant was actually pretty big. I would have never guessed judging from its entrance..


This was only a part of the restaurant. The whole thing was about four times bigger than what you see in this picture.



The atmosphere of the restaurant was pretty good. Since I went there at lunch time, there were many business people having lunch.


I was shown to a small table for two people.




Then the hostess brought me a glass of water and the menu. Right after I opened the menu, I saw the distinctive, two “T”s of the TFT logo.




The Sushi Mori Set ($15.25) and the Saba Shioyaki Teishoku ($15.25) are the TFT menus at Sushi Taro.


Both sounded pretty appetizing…I finally ordered the Sushi Mori Set.


It came with miso soup, dried strips of radish, and boiled spinach seasoned with soy source.

Looks pretty yummy, yeah?



It actually tasted good as well, as you can guess.. Now, I really want to try the other one, the Saba Shioyaki Teishoku.


I also found a poster for Table for Two in the restaurant. It was not that conspicuous, but it thanked Suchi Taro for cooperating with TFT.



Overall, I had a really good time reporting on the TFT menu at Sushi Taro.

YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY GO VISIT! And of course, don’t forget to order a TFT menu item!



Mission Accomplished!

TFT-AU is proud to announce that TFT menu items have been introduced to Megabytes!

Here are the deliciously healthy options so far available:

A vegetarian panini…

And falafel!

You can also see the TFT menu stickers next to them on the menu, so if you’re ever at Megabytes, try them out!

We’ll be sure to let you know of any new developments


Shun’s Trip to NY–TFT-USA HQ

During spring break, I visited NY to see Fumi Tosu, who is the only full time staff at TFT-USA. Although TFT Japan is a relatively well-known NPO, TFT-USA has just started off. Fumi has been working really hard to spread the fabulous concept of TFT all over the United States.

I met him at the cafe called Café Zaiya, located in Kinokuniya, the Japanese book store.

Of course, the cafe had a few TFT menu items. Unlike most of the restaurants that have TFT menus, there were advertisements of TFT everywhere in the cafe. It was clearly a TFT–oriented cafe.






The TFT-menu section was like this:

Every item on TFT menu looked so tasty that I wanted them all…. But I finally chose the TFT Bentou (with fish).


It came with a pack of white rice, and there was enough to satisfy my stomach. And of course, it tasted GREAT!!!




Even their chopsticks advertised TFT!!! haha




It was an amazing meal and great time with Fumi. We had a bit of bro-talk that unfortunately I cannot expose here.

(Right: Fumi, Left: Shun)

Anyways, it was a fun trip, and yes, you should definitely try the TFT bentou at this cafe whenever you visit NY!!!

Here is the link to the Café Zaiya website: http://zaiyany.com/menu_list.php?cid=338


See you next time!!

Tabling: Day 1


Tabling went reasonably well today, and we got quite a lot of attention when considering the fact that it wasn’t such a high traffic day or time in MGC! Of course, everyone who did come by and talk to us were very excited about what TFT-AU is aiming to do and there were even offers by people who wanted to get more directly involved.

Day 2 of tabling is tomorrow, and we hope to spread the word even more and have people take our surveys on student views toward the issue of food imbalances in the world today and the possible contents of a TFT menu on campus.

Best of luck to tabling team #2!

One big step for TFT AU


It’s definitely been a while… which means I get to catch everyone up to speed on the numerous new updates from TFT-AU!

Lots of background stuff happened in the past month, and they are finally coming to fruition, including a new member, the successful execution of a TFT menu survey, a tabling session being held in the Mary Graydon Center of American University on 03/21 and 03/22 from 5pm to 7pm (come say hi), the planning of some publicizing events in coordination with other student organizations, and so much more I can’t even remember them all.

Most importantly, TFT-AU has finally made some definitive progress in the creation of a TFT menu in one of the food vendors right here on campus. That means, TFT-AU is actually taking steps to do what we’re here to do! Woo hoo!

Anyways, now that things are getting exciting and kind of busy, you can expect to see more activity on our behalf on this blog, our facebook page, twitter, and of course, in the actual physical world as well. So be sure to keep in touch and we’ll keep you up to date on all the new developments! Sweet!

Officially Recognized!!!

As of last Friday, Table for Two – American University is finally an official member of Student Activities on campus!

From now on expect to see more activities and events to help spread the word about food imbalances in the world today.

Here are the current members of TFT-AU:

President: Yu Hashimoto

Tomoyuki Tanaka, Suzuka Matsui, Shun Ishihata, Yuri Kasai, Marion Madsen

We’ll be sure to keep you posted on any new developments right here on this blog.